A Sleepless Night- I Had Tonight

            A sleepless night- I had tonight, because a baby’s cry

            Took flight- in the dark of my lonely room. My

            Shadow gets beside the baby- to rock her. I try

            To make Her SLEEP- The Baby can’t speak. She Screams only.


            I dreamily stare at the open window- wishing a moment

            Of Sweet Sleep- The type Infants have after hearing Sonnets.

            Oh, Little Girl, why wont You finally sleep?- I state,

            As She drifts- into thoughts of Sweets She earlier- ate.


            As I see coming from the Shadows- an Imaginary Knight-

            I encourage Her to go With Him-just for Tonight.

            She Cries-With the Idea-She should scream with-Delight.

            The Knight-Lifts her, and she gets ready-For a Flight.


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