My Dearest Friend…

My dear friend,

It’s me, the one you forgot,

I’m the one you broke apart!

I can’t believe you ran away, when you were all I got!

You left me there, breathing with a knot

In my heart.

We had the best-worst days together,

And you still left.


My dearest friend,

I still have that knot in my heart

And it’s making me descend

From the old days.

You heard my heart was broken,

Because I missed you

You tortured me by staying unspoken,

And bringing our bitter end!

One thought on “My Dearest Friend…

  1. Me encanta el poema, Pablo!! Contiene un tema muy universal en el que cualquier persona puede sentirse identificado. Te felicito. ¿Ya leíste a Walt Whitman? Uno de los poetas norteamericanos más emblemáticos de la literatura. Un abrazo!

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