An inspirational poet

Since I posted a poem I wrote based on Cummings works, I decided to make a post with some information about this wonderful poet.

  • E.E. Cummings real name was Edward Estlin Cummings
  • He wrote approximately 2,900 poems, 2 autobiographical novels, 4 plays and several essays
  • He joined World War 1, with his college friend John Dos Passos, in 1917
  • In 1926, his father died in a car accident, and his mother injured. This incident inspired Cumming to start writing poetry
  • Since Cummings was very young, he showed great talent with unconventional writing and style.
  • Many of his poems were controversial. One of his most controversial poems comes from the volume Xaipe: Seventy-One Poems. It goes like this:

one day a nigger

caught in his hand
a little star no bigger
than not to understand

      “i’ll never let you go

until you’ve made me white”
so she did and now
stars shine at night.


a kike is the most dangerous
machine as yet invented
by even yankee ingenu
ity(out of a jew a few
dead dollars and some twisted laws)
it comes both prigged and canted
Information taken from:

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