If you let me,

I shall tell the story

Of a boy and a girl,

And everything love should be.

Everything that life showed us to search

Let me tell you the story,

Of a girl in search of love,

And a boy looking for something dove.

Because, this is the story,

Of everything that love should be.

Close your eyes,

And I will tell you the story,

Of two lovers,

Who never believed on the unexpected,

And who were always somehow connected.


She was a school girl,

Waiting for something good,

He worked in the marked-

With his mind made a curl.

She knew him-

But only like a dim


They finally spoke-

After sharing jokes,

On a fine, spring day-

When birds sing, and life

Gets better..


Her father wanted the best for her-

Wanted one for her-As best as they are

But she wanted him-Although she wasn’t sure

If he was real- Or a blur

For as the spring went,

So did her visits to the market,

And like a flower dies, so did their hopes


But he wouldn’t forget her-

Because he got his car

And drove to her house

Where he sang serenatas in her balcony

From then on


Oh, but how tragic,

How tragic the story ends-

For her father didn’t agree

For her to be free

With him-

And he took her away

The next day

To never see him again….


And though they where apart-

They still talk,

For love is something

That never fades.


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