The Butterfly´s Wing

For those who asked-

of the butterfly that flied

like if she would blast-

because a Thousand times-fast-

                                                  she fell

for she was misunderstood. 


        We all live to be misunderstood



opportunities passed by,

from which she hide in a pavillion

                                                  to pass them by

And left her wings broked

                                       by Mcmillion


Careful, they all notice—

she said, And she Said, and She SAID

She would go inside a blue Lotus

                                                  To ignore

And in the hands of mischievous humans she then fell…


They ripped more her wings

     leaving unremovable marks

                                              like ink


Fast Like Auttum

hands of Angels came

removing the ink- of her wings

Letting her fly again.


One thought on “The Butterfly´s Wing

  1. Pablo, este es el poema más hermoso que haya leído! Me lo imaginé visual, en un gran lienzo con colores. Me encanta porque lograste conmoverme.

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