Hell Feeds On Fear

Now- a perfect sunshine world

Mine– So known from head to toes

The so sweet smell of flowers

No danger approaching in hours

keeping me safe from non-exposed fears

Being the least loved,

I can´t yield to be killed by these social hell

So much walking, when- gates out of the known- an Abyss

The gate´s squeakish lips open

swallowing me inside.


Then, and inferno of direful non-mundanes

I fall on the wolf´s mouth,

it´s teeth impregnating on my skin.

All my fears vomit out of my mouth

Me- scared because of my bones shattering,

my feet under a road of skulls

and the ground then swallowing me, those perfect dolls,

pulling me inside.


And my fists clasp outside the skulls,

getting me outside the rabbit hole- my dreams-

and out of my worst nightmares…



Picture by- akirakirai



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