Suicide Inside A Mirror

It was that night of the tragedy

With her, standing and combing her hair

Infront of the mirror- for it wasn´t all a comedy

Combing-Loaning-Auning, her hair

The mirror- a reflection of society´s misunderstandments

Her curls are the only perfection within-

-They need an also perfect grin


What is the need of living in a mist of lies?

Everything lays in hiding

and just starring at the skies

All these can be bend inside the mirror

She just has to keep combing

                                            – To hide the truth

Inwardly the mirror, there´s her-dead- on the ground

Her living self on the top of a building

Ready to jump- feeling like shaddy 


         Get ready to jump

           for once you do, you will get inside the dead body

             and get back to your self

                  AwAy from this world



Painting by Frida Kahlo: ¨The Suicide Of Dorothy Hale¨ the inspiration for this poem


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