Afraid, Always

Here goes a short poem I just came up with. Had sort of a writers block mixed with laziness, so I didn´t update. Sorry! Please bear with me!

Push me through these mess of branches

I´m scared of the dark

Take me deeper into the night

I can´t stand the trees starring at me

Let´s get married to the night

I´m afraid you will no longer be my knight

I´m sure we can jump into the pond

But I can´t swim!

I would write all I feel in poetry

If I only really knew how

You can sing me your thoughts

I get lost in all your spots

We could always agree

If I only knew how

Though you could teach me

I always allow


Deviant art picture by ~infinatedarkness22


One thought on “Afraid, Always

  1. Pablo, cada vez tus poemas tienen son más profundos y muy interesantes con lo que quieres dar a conocer.
    Esta es una buena forma de dar a entender quien tu realmente eres realmente.
    Te felicito por el buen trabajo que estás haciendo.

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