Dreaming Again

The times alone are already known
Although loneliness with you is so foreign to me.
This road I already know well
But I had never taken it with you
I watched you repeat our days over again.
As you showed me to breathe again.

I told you I was busy that day
Still you slept in my bedroom
We watched a scary film, wrapped in my blankets.
I hurt lying here, wishing I dreamed again.
While I wake up to the kisses I know so well
Out of breath, thinking there’s nothing else to wish.

Remember I showed you to drive again.
Now I’m on road, under the pouring rain
Remember our bodies collided in the parking lot
Now the memories are crumpled papers
In my room, where my best pictures hang
Now, I’m lonely again, but you’re not here.

And you call me at night, to break me again
While I lay here, broken like a promise
You are here again, trying to dance with me
Though my feet won’t follow the broken tune.
I apologise if maybe I asked too much
Maybe, you came back for me?

Here we are, in this little cafe
I stare out the window at the auttum sky
Here we are, after this many years
Still breaking me down with your hold
I still have the scarf around my neck
And I’m sure my stare tells you all.


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