Here We Are Again

We find each other again
Infront of you, as always
As if it’s nobody’s business
Magnets drawing each other together
We see each other in our dreams
Although we always stay awake
You have given me a heart to breathe
And you still rip it’s chord away

Close your eyes to cover the secrets
Striping each other’s waists naked
Magnets in this world
drawing each other together- Fighting
all the battles that come in between

As we
find each other again dancing in the kitchen
I realize we can’t be apart
Breaking all of the bridges

even though there’s nothing
that we could run from

But you call me again last night
just to break me
like those many times before
You leave me again on the ground
crumbled like a tissue
My words burn in the back of your mind
And you take away the only light
that has ever shone in this room.


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