Safe With You

Push me through these mess of branches

I´m scared of the dark


Take me deeper into the night

I can´t stand these eyes starring at me


Let´s get married to the night

I´m afraid you will no longer be my knight


I´m sure we can jump into the pond

But I can´t swim!


If I really knew how,

I would tell you all these in poetry

You have sang me your thoughts at night

like a sweet childhood lullaby

How could I ever repay you?

You have stayed with me at the worse days

because you know I´m scared of the dark


I´ve gotten lost in your spots several times

Now I know your body like my own thought process

You found me lost, like if you were an angel

making you into the architect of my life

I really don´t know anyone like you

And that´s why I´m keeping you

locked in my heart, incase you decide to leave

The feeling of sweaty sheets

is too common now

I miss the warmth in winter nights

how you got it out of my lips

Moans have escaped our mouths

I´m sure the moon has heard us before

back in the old days


You told me about your life

How your dreams wondered hallways

in old mansions

You told me about your father

He was a decaying voice every night

I remember you whispering,

about the sweet perfume of your mother

She left you at birth

No memories left in a chest

You tell me about the ghost of those

who have left you

behind- in this world, so cruel


You tell me all about the beach

The sweet smell of salt water

Waves that crash with rocks

and you tell me how

you would love to take me there.


You yourself left me in a library

Crying over False poems,

because I know that asshole says the truth

It´s a truth you have hidden too long

I wish it wouldn´t be true

I wish the world was lying

I wish we all awoken this nightmare

But, must of all, I wish you didn´t leave

That you didn´t lie to me

That you would come back

one day.


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