Finding God

I walk through the isle
You’ve been the only one there for a while,
so comfortably numb- A state of trance,
blind and confused like a mole
The cold heat of candles is everywhere and nowhere,
and I don’t know where
to look for the safety of your voice

I have finally found you,
in a world as crazily sane as this abbys.
I was lost, until you-shepperd-found a lamb in me,
to follow your steps into heaven.
I aspire to know you, to love you, for you to never leave,
my once lame excuse of a soul
Now, I finally feel whole.

I’ve never known a winter as cold as this,
but you’ve become my fading light
You’re the pockets that warm my freezing hands
You’re the fire that will never burn down
You’re the rebellion escaping me like a breath
I would never forget you,
even though at times I seem to belittle you

I keep walking to the altar
A picture of you stands there, so immense, unwilling to halter,
a sinner like me
Oh, all the questions, all the dreams, desires, aches,
I’ve had- I will open myself to you,
I will let you clean my soul
I will let you fill this hole
I will let you drive me through life
in a black Patrol
Now my heart is bursting,
with the overwhelmingly- over taking love of yours,
and I don’t want to ever let go.


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