Nude Boys Like Tigers

A Haiku I wrote while being in the mountains at Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. 

The sky is so blue

Trees are just everywhere,

unlike my landscape

Surely not liking


There´s too much flowers

stopping my lungs from breathing

The climbings don´t help

Please, take me inside!


This heat is overwhelming

I´m seeing nude boys running

around, like tigers

in stripes- so elegant


I´m dreading to follow them

Please, just let me go

You won´t miss me for too long

At least I think I won´t.


The days just keep passing by

This is becoming

similar to a bad dream

I feel I´m chained to this place.


One day, they´ll come and save me

I´ll be nude like tigers too

I shall be free forever

I´ll follow my dreams,

and never come back.




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