The Voice’s Andrea Begley: Danny O’Donoghue is a gent


The Voice champ Andrea Begley says  TV lothario Danny O’Donoghue was nothing short of a gent during their mentoring sessions.

The Script singer, who was forced to deny he’d shacked up with last year’s protégé  Bo Bruce, made no secret he was on the lookout for love during the course of the second series but Andrea said he behaved when they were alone.

‘Danny and myself just always totally got along like good friends,’ the 26-year-old told Guilty Pleasures.

‘It was always fun chatting and the Irish sense of humour but nothing along those lines,’ she laughed, adding that she is hoping to work with Danny on her debut album.

‘He has spoken to me and said he really wants to be involved so I am very happy to have him on board,’ she said.

Instead the talent show star says she has all the male attention she needs…

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