Your Eyes Are Blue (ANADIPLOSIS)

I once told you how you have beautiful eyes

Eyes blue like the sky

The sky in which you pray to someone you can´t see

See with the eyes,

eyes that watch you at all times,

times in which you deny my compliments,

compliments that makes me want to reach the moon,

reach the moon and stay there forever.


To love is like praying

Praying is like loving someone,

someone like you, with blue eyes

Blue eyes that say we love someone we can´t see,

we can´t see what we don´t really believe

You don´t really believe in what you´re told,

you´re told too many useless things.


You´re told too many useless things,

things you won´t ever use

You won´t ever use, for example, math or the science,

the science of why the sky is blue

The sky is blue, because your eyes are blue

Your eyes are blue, and they remind me of the sky.




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