An Old Dress

There´s an old dress in your wardrobe

An old dress of regrets, collecting dust

There´s a picture in your window,

filled with regrets, cheeks tainted with blush

There´s an old memory in your mind

Summer hats in lakes, memories drifted away

You don´t know why you left that dress

That useless dress you solemnly crave


You can´t control some things,

can´t set them straight

They make you ill,

like the moon from seeing stars.


You go to Chicago, away from that old dress

It´s now hanging in a light post,

in a building window, in a dead-man´s hand

It´s coming off lover´s lips,

off your sheets, off the honking of cars

off raindrops hitting pavement

And you run again, again in your old truck

You run until you have to pull over

until your breath clouds the view

until your hands hurt too much


This is different, except it´s the same

from last time,

when there was so much to blame,

except those who whined the most.


You have to flee, or fight, flee or fight

It´s two different roads, you take the easiest

You take the easiest, and look at all the harm

You´ve learned from life, that despite the harm,

there´s always someone you can lean on.



Photo credits to: rooze


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