Our Demons (Epic Poem)

I. Separation

I remember powerful lights
The weight of metal against metal
The weight of flame´s burning smell
I remember calling you in the dark-
with no avail- of bringing you back

Didn´t remember you awakening
Doctor´s flashlight, disabling
my senses, as you closed your eyes
Firemen not hearing my cries
Have to find you, I´m to blame all along

I´m tired of standing here, hearing whispers
What do they know?
They can´t see how they feed my demons
How could they know?
There´s no joy in walking anymore
I know what they think to know
What do they know?
There´s no opinion without asking,
speaking after childish, external visibility
How could they know better?

It´s my fault- Nobody´s but me
It´s my fault- Crashed with you inside
It´s my fault- Still, my family´s blamed
My friend, my dear, I have to free them
Free them from this outcasting curse

II. Initiation

Trees around me, no house in view,
Oh, I know this scene all too well
I´m a child again, running through trees
Memories of our past, stinging the air
Chest aches with arrival anticipation-
Our cabin appears, as if hearing me

Step forward; your spirit remains here
You´re a child, running with dirty feet
I can still hear your cries in the air,
as if you´re asking me to take a seat,
to calm, and pretend nothing happened,
pretend our lives where not blackened

I hear you at night, as if you never left,
as if my memories became real
Your ghost is still here, haunting me
Come with me, and visit our demons, it says
When it´s cold outside, I hear their whispers
and that´s when fed demons arise

Are you really here? Is it you crossing the hall?
Wish you could touch me; know it´s not hallucinations
I know you´re not real; still, I hear your words

Please, go back to Heaven, go anywhere,
take my problems away; you´re to blame
I might have killed you; but you´re to blame
They all blame me; my family despises me
How could you leave? With this demons around
It´s cold outside; come inside, keep me warm

I blame you- How is it your fault?
I was the one driving- Why do I blame you?
It´s your fault I´m here- It wasn´t your default
Only I got impinged- I´m not as shammed
Then, why am I denying acceptance?
It´s my mistake, we all ache, not only I break

III. Return

My friend, my dear, thank you
You saved us from this outcasting curse
You saved me; I saved my family
I left you behind; no need for burdens
I forgave you, and myself;
thank you, because they forgot

You where never there; it was an illusion
You still held my hand, away from everything
Our mutual peace drove me away from madness

The masquerade is over; no need to hide
The sky has never been bluer,
lacking all the whispers; the warmth of family

My friend, my dear; shame I blamed you
Shame I thought the misery was mine
Shame we will never play in two
Bless I saved my blood line
Bless nothing will ever be blue
Bless seeing light after this darkness


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