Shoes off, no shirts

Pull me down with all your power

Shoes off, watch them dance,

listen to the chiming of swaying hips

Take me upstairs; covered in smoke

Take me where no one else is

The smoke, the smoke, smell the smoke,

it surrounds the air,

it used to be clean as bottled light-

But it must be right- everyone´s here


There´s live music near bottled lights

The smoke; your hands, choke me down


find freedom near that pure voice

But you stay- there must be beauty,

since everyone´s doing it


Your soul´s still dirty after leaving

Your gaze ambiguously infected

The car lights blur your face,

even the fog-unfocused-is plain

Got the sun and moon inked in our skin

Keep the smoking fog leaving lips

Impeach yourself and clean lungs,

like dirt upon unmuddied water


It´s midnight- the door is still open

Door is still open, despite the tainted skin

It´s hard to walk- No one comes to the rescue

It´s hard to walk- wonder it wasn´t worth it,

wonder you shouldn´t follow the crowd

It´s not worth it getting grimy 



Photo credits: anesthessiac


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