A Blissful Oblivion

You never truly saw the inside of me

I never truly saw beyond a reflection,

the one merely looking for affection

Though seen as a splintery decoration,

 allow me to fall, to break, to cry

Allow me some fun, allow me to run

from musings inside my mind.


You´ve been here before; everyone has

No reason why birds fly from the nest fast

or why a raindrop deforms water reflections

You´ve seen your reflection with a word loss,

you stare, quietly, watching the world pass by

Nights like those, we share the same heart

Nights like those, I know I´m safe at home


If there was a force above,

I would know why my head´s floating,

why there´s no life in our eyes

why we´re made of broken pieces

I would know why we keep moving

why it´s dark when morning comes


Photo Credits: BenHeine

why we´re all losing our mind.


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