A Homicidal Sleepwalking of Sanity

Might be common as waves crashing rocks,

Simple like paper between fingertips

Dull as longingly wandering

the same beach once more

Or uncomplicated

as bringing night by a switch flip.


But it´s not a simple game being fought,

For these voices are cacophonous,

bringing forward painful realization-

Same blood could never entwine,

making these two heartbeats

achingly deafening,

like the sound of horseshoes.


Being connected by neglected emotions

is no game that can be fought

I rejoice discerning your chest voice

Yet, this ground will not requite

Because, same blood could never entwine,

We will suddenly come together,

Some will say it´s all fair weather,


Photo courtesy from: ericahpfa: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Peace-90650467

a palindrome of what we´ve become.


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