An Ardent Star (a valentine´s poem)

Remember beloved points in time, gone with summer breeze

Remember the laughs of a maiden frame, coming with ease,

going with hinder. Remember pummeled limbs, by orthodox fingers

Behind beaming screens, lips typed-screamed seeking aims about escapades

-from a roof where one cannot be stained with yellow or pink or rainbow

A roof where pictures of unity where deprived, no longer lived

by gone memories. Remember prose from mouths screaming change,

from no range of love to hands fighting for one same flesh.

  You will be untouchable as an ardent star by then, a runaway ardent star

    You will be an ardent star, who will fly, obliged by fading chimney smoke

      When you become one, there´s a city´s wind that shall pull you back,

        it will pull you back; you will keep flying, to a sailboat in Michigan Lake

         Your heavenly inferno will never burn down, for you shall remember,

after the coaling smoke, a delicate spark will roughly engulf you in an ocean. 



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