The Mechanical Voice

Hi! You have reached Marriage´s phone. Please leave a message. Might return the call in a year, 5 years ago.


Lovers intertwined pass me by, my mind whirls, I think-

Oh, heaven, are you happy now? Love has been such a lie.


         A signed paper is a non-living matter, easily torn.

         A ringed finger is a non-living promise, easily broken.


Lovers entwined pass me by- I called marriage again

Oh, what a bane neglect of a voice,

                                             left behind an answering machine.



Hi! You have reached Marriage´s phone. Please leave…


Lord, I don´t want to, but I truly want to feel blue,

the color of eyes awakening to, awoken to be missing.


        Where did that paper go? Dear, where did it go?

        Where has my ring fallen? Dear, where did it fall?


Darling, nothing is achieved now a days,


there are others appreciating what you have not reckoned.



Hi! You have reached Marriage´s phone. Please leave a mess-…


When I was what I no longer applause,

                                                         my friends would say:

“Well, you´re not one to take a ring for your wings, are you?”


         …guess I´m not, guess I left a paper to hold a home,

         to let it crumble, bringing its structure down as well.


“Guess you made a decision too young.” Well I did,

I´m stuck with it, can´t even put it back, cover it with a lid.



Hi, you have reached marriage´s phone. Please leave a message…



I called marriage again. Got the same response again.

Guess it doesn´t really matter


I knocked marriage´s door. Got tired of one homogenous

                                                               mechanical voice.

Guess I was looking for human warmth.


But I don´t care anymore. Guess I don´t want your love,

lingering by the entrance, unmoving.


Guess I don´t want a flashlight in the night,

a raincoat for a thunderous showering-

a glorious sight in the morning after a night alone.


You can go leave it all in the seaside

Throw your lips; throw your tongue in the ocean

I don´t want your love anymore. 




Picture courtesy of: EmilySoto


One thought on “The Mechanical Voice

  1. Querido blueneruda 101, quería saber si me autorizas compartir tu poema en mi perfil de FB. Me parece que desarrollas una perspectiva muy actual del amor. La mecanicidad en la que caen los vínculos más cercanos. Su liquidez como diría Zygmun Bauman. Un abrazo y espero noticias.

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