Teenagers Beware: The 10 Smiths Songs That Will Mess You Up Most


By and large people who like The Smiths indulge most heavily in listening to their music during “the sad years,” the time stretching from the self-conscious teen era to that point in your mid-20s when you start making enough money to properly support yourself. The problem with going overboard on listening to Smiths songs is that it can warp your brain. You might start to believe the sad world Morrissey lyrics embody is some sort of doomed romantic ideal worth aspiring to. In order to help you (or your little brother… or any other budding pseudo goths in your life) break the self-defeating Smiths cycle, here are a list of the top 10 most potentially damaging Smiths songs. Take our advice and avoid repeatedly listening to them at all costs, unless you want your brain to be rewired so its default setting is self-indulgent melancholy.

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