To One of Those Teachers Who Leave A Trail Of Compassion Chains

Dedicated to Scott Sanders- Beloved teacher, friend and principal, who will be leaving Guatemala to the eternally faraway, Imperial land of China. 


Dear Mister,

Why don´t you take a look through such a sight?

You will see the shining in all our eyes,

beaming for your igniting light,

which shall stay in your throne with us, forever.


I wrote a ballad for you,

about all the things you´ve done,

and that space we kept for you.


You wore a golden chain in your throat,

you let our fingers twist within its kindness.

We felt your forever lightened,

parental warmth,

guiding us across a path of frozen, opened mouths,

evaporating under your unconditional touch.


Dear Mister,

Out of all the things you´ve done,

you always jumped the Atlantic for us.

You never drew fire across your path,

or denied planting an oak tree.


Because of all these,

and other everlasting lists,

we shall all thank you wholeheartedly.


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