Welcome to my world of words!


Home can be many things,

Some sat it’s the house,

Where they sleep, eat and work

Or the piece of land,

Where their parents started a living.

For me home can be the alley,

Where a thousand words where spoken

And where a friendship was build,

Which led to tears

And a head resting in a chest.

But home is anywhere,

It’s not just a place,

But also memories kept

In a special place

In someone’s heart.


What a disgrace it is to be sorrowful,

Just like a blue sky without sun.

All people wish to have sorrow free lives,

because  life would be useless without the light of happiness.

I wish to see the eyes of joyfulness,

in this dullness caused by sorrowful souls.

They grieve because they are outcasts,

these poor impoverished people, who wont let light enter their hearts.

They are correctly incorrect, to let

this ignominious disease cover their non unblemished souls.

How poor they are, I think, even if they might have everything.

No, not everything, because they still miss the  pleasant gladness.

My dear friend,

It’s me, the one you forgot,

I’m the one you broke apart!

I can’t believe you ran away, when you were all I got!

You left me there, breathing with a knot

In my heart.

We had the best-worst days together,

And you still left.

My dearest friend,

I still have that knot in my heart

And it’s making me descend

From the old days.

You heard my heart was broken,

Because I missed you

You tortured me by staying unspoken,

And bringing our bitter end!

I Remember

I remember that day you ran to say bye,

At that old school parking lot,

When I was stupid, and didn’t ask why,

I couldn’t realze you were the most important from the whole.

Every night I cry, because I regret

Never saying how much I loved you.

Not even neglect,

Can make my days less blue.


I haven’t been sleeping

The need of words- is hunting me

Just answer me, for the mending of my broken heart.

If I ever fall- and break apart,

Will you be able to Fix Me?

If you leave, and my Heart Breaks,

Would you be Brave Enough, to come Back?

And if I drown-And Die,

Will you Bring my Sould back?

But if I knock- Myslef Down, and forget who I Am,

Would you remind who am I?

Do you Know me, that Well?

If You do, If you would- Then there’s no need to Speak,

Just a place where I can rest my Head- And promise you wil Never let me Go….

Essay Writing

The voice inside-OuTsIdE my head
like a toddler who FELL to the ground.

SO many more

To write, but, so LITTLE time          left.

The Clock watches
attentively, accusing ME of not

Finishing on time. My
goes away from the ESSAY,

And I go on a JoUrNeY to the

He Hates Me

He hates me

I still chase his limb,

Like a flower being shadowed by a bee,

Though he wants to choke me-

without a whim.

Thought we were friends,

Guess I saw something,

You never send,

Though sweet words-

I was always yearning.

You never really loved me- The way I did

In the spring,

I never recovered,

From those scars-

Left by your wings,

That so often thought had covered

Me from spreading tears.


Never had I thought,

I would have to say

Good Bye

That I would Never see you again

And would make me feign


That I would have known

If only I knew

You loved me       Back then

That I noticed your love

And wouldn’t make me shove

To have me feel your warmth


Only you knew how

To make me                 shed tears


The Visitor

I see a fly in the Wall- I know its you

Why have you come- To see me cry?

Though the days are so blue-

You won’t even see me die


Past the curtains- I know you watch

With admiration- Waiting for what?

I know I can’t dislodge-

The truth of the cut


That brings you here- it’s true,

What I overhear?


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